Grow And Monetize Your Instagram Account, Start Here

By Monica U Santos , Feb 04, 2017 05:15 AM EST

Instagram gained 100 million monthly active users since January, with the total of 500 million monthly users and more than 75 million active accounts daily. For an online mobile photo-sharing site such as Instagram, it is pretty surprising. So it’s no surprise that brands are now dedicating a substantial percentage of their social media marketing budget to this image heavy channel.

Grow And Monetize Using Your Instagram Account

According to Twelveskip, with the growing connection and online marketing, it is the perfect time to cash in on Instagram. Since Instagram is free, you don't have to pay any money to install it on your smartphone and even to use any of its features. And maybe, Instagram is being much popular to millions of user today because it’s free to use and easy to download.

Instagram makes the majority of its money through advertising. Sometimes, will scanning your Instagram feeds, you will see "sponsored" posts even if you aren't a follower of the account that authored the post. It becomes possible because companies pay to put sponsored posts like that in Instagram users’ feeds in order to promote their products or services.

What You Need To Do?

First and foremost, you need to fill out your bio with all the right information. The date here includes your name or your business' name, your contact information, what you post about and where you’re from. This is very important for all the users that may come to your profile will know you have a legit Instagram account.

Second is to regularly post good quality photos. To expose more of your business or service, you need to be posting several images every day or at least thrice a week. You don’t have to post all at once for this will actually work against you because some of your followers may think that you are just using a bot to post. As you post regularly, make sure your images are of the great quality and with attractive effects.

Lastly, to use relevant hashtags on each post. It is very important to use a hashtag when you are posting on Instagram since this is one of the many ways for your post to be reached. Just make sure that all the hashtags that you will include in your photos are of your interest and relevant to the post.

Instagram's terms of service were changed to indicate that the firm could sell users’ posts to merchants as they saw fit without compensating them, according to TechBoomers. Do not worry for your details to be exposed or copied. Instagram does not claim ownership of any content that you post so it's safe.


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