'Production Of Pixel Has Not Stopped,' Google Confirms

A disturbing email conveyed by Telus started creating chaos online. The said email was sent to some of its clients asserting that Google had stopped production on the Google Pixel phones. The smartphones were launched less than four months ago.

"Please be advised that we have received notice today that Google will be ceasing production of their Google Pixel line and we will not be receiving further inventory of this phone," the email via screenshot posted on Reddit.

Google rapidly rebuked the email as inaccurate, along with Telus, and claimed that creation of the Pixel smartphones is still going on. The email originated from Telus, and it was immediately given an account on sites like Reddit, as clients were informed that they would not have the capacity to get their Pixel since Google had chosen to quit the phone's production.

Google official released a statement saying that the company is excited by the demand for the Pixel in Canada. The giant tech company added that Telus is currently out of stock, however, the company is working with its partners to restock. Google confirmed that the production of the smartphone has not stopped, as noted by 9 to 5 Google.

The company further explained that they are still working to restock retailer channels, which means carriers like Telus will soon receive new Pixel and Pixel XL. This clarification was posted after Mobileaxs sent an email to its consumers. Mobileaxs is a corporate dealer of Telus products and services who had pre-ordered the Google Pixel XL, which has shown three locations in Toronto, Ontario.

Google brisk check confirms that only the Really Blue version of the 32GB Pixel XL is currently in stock, while the 128GB are recorded as out of stock. The email sent was inaccurate and it was noted that a more extended investigation would take place.


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