The Aussie Breakthrough Against Multiple Sclerosis Is Finally Here

In their continuous efforts to eradicate and find the solution to Multiple Sclerosis, a team of Australian scientists has recently discovered a blood biomarker for multiple sclerosis. Researchers are convinced that their findings will now be developed into a simple test that is being expected to pave the way to revolutionize the treatment of the debilitating neurological disorder. Dubbed as the most common neurological disease in the country, experts have revealed that so many people are perceived to be at risk of developing the debilitating MS.

The Breakthrough Discovery For Multiple Sclerosis

According to reports revealed by The Weekend Australian, the research effort spearheaded by study lead author Edwin Lim and Gilles Guillemin of Macquarie University, has been hailed as one of the most significant advances in understanding MS, which affects more than 23,000 Australians and 2.3 million people across the globe.

Additionally, chief executive of MS Research Australia, Matthew Miles has claimed that the study is something that they had never done before but adding that Australia was able to pull it off. Researchers believe that MS is the most common neurological disease affecting young adults and is the result of damage to myelin, which has been known to be the protective sheath that surrounds the nerve fibers of the central nervous system. Consequently, the damage to myelin is then considered to cause the disruption the brain's messages to the body, which often leads to unpredictable results.

Study Proposition And More

Meanwhile, in one of his statements reported by Starts At 60, Professor Guillemin said that the study is considered to be a significant discovery due to the fact that it is seen to facilitate the ability to quickly and simply make a prognosis of the three types of MS. Researchers claim that the findings will also allow certain clinicians to adapt their treatment for MS patients more accurately and rapidly. However, the experts have highly emphasized that although the blood test won't be able to help those already suffering from MS, the research will expectedly go a long way towards helping others to get the treatment that patients need to fight the disease faster.

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