Overwatch Update: Recent Bugs Plagued The Game; Sombra's Translocator And More

Blizzard has recently released a new patch for their popular multiplayer fps game Overwatch. However, players have noticed lots of new bugs from the latest update. The full list of these recently known bugs had been posted at the Reddit page that is dedicated to Overwatch.

Based on the list of bugs, there is one bug that creates an issue for Sombra's Translocator. The said bug disables Sombra to teleport into her translocators. Meanwhile, there were several players who were not awarded with a Flagbearer achievement. In addition, there were also several reports regarding the constant disappearance of allied health bars and others who constantly leave the team chat in between rounds.

In addition, the list also mentions a bug on D.Va's ecopoint, where it ejects out of the map. Other fellows like Frontlines Reinheardt and Zarya were also victims of these recent bugs. Reinheardt has a visual health bug on his shield while Zarya's ultimate disappears without taking any effect. Meanwhile, the support hero Ana has a bug on her Biotic Grenade where it is not working at the moment. There are also bugs found on Mercy, Ana, Widowmaker, Reinheardt and Lucio's toggle where it keeps resetting randomly in game

According to the report from Gaming Bolt, there were also minor bugs that occurred aside from the abovementioned ones. These bugs are mostly aesthetic. For example, several players said that when they are using the hello gesture in game, their character will not say hello or wave. Meanwhile, some players said that throwing basketballs into the basket does not trigger confetti.

Though Overwatch received lots of bug reports lately, it seems like it did not affect the game's massive success. In fact, Blizzard had recently announced that they have reached the impressive feat of 25 million registered players and this keeps on growing as time passes. Overall, it is expected that Blizzard will attend to these reported bugs as soon as possible.


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