Pokémon Duel Strategy: When And How To Evolve Your Pokémon?

By Kim Chan , Feb 06, 2017 04:00 AM EST
There are actually perks when choosing not evolve your Pokémon beforehand in Pokémon Duel. Here are some tips and guide about evolution in Pokémon Duel that you need to know. (Photo : The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel/Youtube)

The newest Pokémon mobile app, the Pokémon Duel is now rocking on both Android and iOS devices; albeit not as stellar as Pokémon GO's launch, Pokémon Duel offers one of the most requested aspects of the game - and that is head-on PvP. This new app sees two opposing players battling each other for victory. And just like any other Pokémon game, it also offers the player the ability to evolve its Pokémon.

In Pokémon Duel, there are two ways in which you can evolve your respective Pokémon: one is to preset its evolved version during the starting line up (only possible once you have unlocked the evolution figure) and the other is to evolve it during the fight (mid-match). You may think that setting a Pokémon to evolve prior to the match would always be the best idea but there is actually a perk to the latter. To cut to the chase, evolving a Pokémon mid-match gives it a bonus of 10 points of damage. This means that evolving Squirtle into Wartotle during the battle makes it more powerful as compared to straight-up setting Wartotle during the starting line up.

With this in mind, you'd more likely opt to evolve your Pokémon mid-fight, right? And so today, we're going to show you how to properly evolve your Pokémon. Follow these simple steps and you're good to go!

Customize Your Starting Line up

First and foremost, you'll have to customize your starting line up. So go to "Edit Deck" and from here, you'll notice that all Pokémon that is capable of evolving will have a blue dot below their respective figures. If you can't see a blue dot below, it means that there's no evolution being set.

Edit Figures

In order to set up an evolution, you'll have to click on "Edit Figures." Once the menu is brought up, you can then select the Pokémon that you'd like to assign for a specific evolution simply by clicking the blue button below. [Reminder]: As stated earlier, you can only set an evolution if you have acquired the appropriate evolution figure.

Assign Evolution

Now, click on the Edit Evolution tab. Afterward, select the evolved form that you'd want to come out during the fight.

Return to the Starting Line up

You can double-check on the evolution setting upon returning to the starting line up. Once the Pokémon has properly set its evolution form, you can see a glowing blue dot under its figure.

Evolution Condition

In order to trigger an evolution during a fight, the respective Pokémon must win a fight first against another Pokémon. Simply enter combat and then knock out another Pokémon. Once you successful finished this condition, you can choose to evolve that specific Pokémon in order to gain the power up bonus. If you decline, however, you'll have to fulfill the condition all over again.

Overall, there are pros and cons when setting up evolution. Depending on your playstyle and deck, you may opt for an earlier evolution rather than going for a mid-fight evolution. It all boils down on team composition, not just preference. Check back for more Pokémon Duel tips and guides!

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