Samsung Acquires Perch To Grow Its 'Internet Of Things' Business

Perch is a popular company for people and businesses needing DIY home monitoring software. This company repurposes your older smartphones to turn them into security cameras. Now, Perch is making headlines after Samsung acquires them for the smartphone maker's next-gen Internet of Things products.

Perch Team Joins Samsung

According to a Sam Mobile report, the whole team of Perch will now be joining Samsung for the development of the company's IoT products. According to the reports, Perch has emerged from the Samsung Accelerator program a few years back, so this acquisition actually makes sense. Needless to say, this tie-up may be a positive thing for both Samsung and Perch. However, the latter's consumers may not exactly be thrilled as it will impact all current users of the software company.

Perch To Remove Its App's Beta Version From The Google Play Store

Perch, being a go-to company for repurposing smart devices and webcams into monitoring devices, has quite a number of customers. The bad news for them is that the company will be removing their app's beta version from the Play Store on February 17. Ubergizmo says that all recorded data will also be deleted when Perch's service ends. This is to ensure the privacy security of Perch's customers. If you are one of the people relying on Perch, now's the time to find the best alternative.

You can also get in touch with them if you have questions regarding the termination of their service. The email address to contact is For more information, visit Perch's blog page as the company has also gladly announced their merging with Samsung Electronics. Perch also extended its gratitude for people who have helped them become a great product. Needless to say, with this new chapter starting for Perch, the company is no longer able to extend its support for their customers, at least in their product's current form. With that said, users could use this time to find an alternative or contact Perch to get assistance in this transition phase.

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