Yahoo Shutting Down Upcoming, Deals, SMS Alerts And More To Focus On Apps

Yahoo looks to be changing things up a bit by shutting down Upcoming, Deals, SMS Alerts, Kids and parts of Mail to focus on Apps.

On April 30, these services will be turned off so that the company can focus more on doing a few apps really well.

Earlier this week, Yahoo stated that they have over 80 mobile apps.

Yahoo has given customers a chance to get all their information out of the apps they use. For example, those of you who use Deals will still be able to save your coupons after the service goes dark.

Yahoo Kids, which is no longer Yahooligans (feel old?), will shut down but children under 13 will be able to sign in with a Yahoo ID through the Family Accounts program.

The week of June 3, older versions of Yahoo Mail will close down. But Yahoo is offering a mail migration program to get people set up with a new email address.

However, the company is encouraging its customers to switch to their new Mail system and to use the HTML only version for those of you with slower connections or, gasp, dial-up.

Tech Crunch speculates that Marissa Meyer “is not interested in competing with Google’s far superior maps product anymore” and that this could lead to more shutdowns in the future of services such as Maps and Search.

Meyer was appointed President and CEO of Yahoo in July 2012. She was also a former executive for Google.

In February 2013, she oversaw a huge policy change that had Yahoo employees the worked remotely moving to an office.

Yahoo was founded in 1995 and was one of the pioneers of the early Internet.

With Google beating them out as the most popular search engine, Yahoo has had to make some difficult choices, like this one.

If Yahoo is shutting down Upcoming, Deals, Kids, SMS Alerts and several of their Mail and Messenger apps, more shut downs like these could very well be on the way.

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