VR Sense Is An Arcade Cabinet That Lets You See, Hear, Smell And Feel

By Edge Ison , Feb 07, 2017 04:57 AM EST

Koei Tecmo Wave has come up with a way for people to fully immerse themselves in the game they are playing.

The VR Sense is a modern take on the iconic arcade cabinets that were popular in the 70's and 80's. This time, however, the arcade cabinet fits a person inside and has VR headsets instead of the buttons and sticks of yesteryear. The most intriguing part of the VR Sense is its ability to let the player smell and feel the game aside from the typical seeing and hearing part.

According to Tech Radar, the VR Sense has a multifunctional 3D seat which is responsible for the game movements as well as sensations such as heat, cold, mist, rain, and wind. The arcade cabinet also lets the players smell different aromas while playing.

The arcade cabinet will initially come with three games. "GI Jockey Sense" emulates the feeling of riding an actual horse. The 3D seat's movements and vibrations are akin to horse-riding while players feel the sensations of the elements such as rain, wind and snow touching their faces as they gallop through various weather conditions. In "Horror Sense", the 3D seat moves in conjunction with what is happening in the game. When something scary pops up, the seat will jolt the player to scare them more. The "Resident Evil"-like arcade game ups the gross factor with the actual feeling of bugs crawling by the player's feet while virtual bugs fall from the ceiling and scamper across the floor. The final game to be released with the VR Sense is a version of the "Dynasty Warriors". This time, players can feel the heat from the flames in the game.

The VR Sense arcade cabinet is a "pay-per-use" machine which basically means it is not meant for home use. It still functions like other arcade cabinets in which players need to drop coins or tokens into slots to start operating the machine. According to The Verge, Koei Tecmo Wave will debut the VR Sense at the Japan Amusement Expo this coming Feb. 10 to 12.

Virtual reality has taken huge steps in recent months. Late last year, the NBA joined the VR bandwagon when it announced that a number of games will be shown in VR with ten more games until the season ends.

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