2017 RAM Power Wagon: Nothing Short Of An Off-Road Beast

By James Yu , Feb 07, 2017 09:04 AM EST
If you want a truck that allows you to tear through the Baja like the desert was not even there, the 2017 RAM Power Wagon is the truck to be in. (Photo : TestDrivenTV/YouTube)

If you are looking for a beast of a truck, the 2017 RAM Power Wagon is nothing short of one. It is easy to go fast on the road but it is another story to go fast off the road. The 2017 RAM Power Wagon allows you to do both and simply enables you to have tons of fun driving experience.

2017 RAM Power Wagon: A Beast Caged In The Hood

Even less powerful vehicles, given enough momentum can become fast on highways. Tackling the off-roads however, requires a beast to be caged under an off-road machine's hood. You could say that the 2017 RAM Power Wagon is a beast tamer as it has one heck of a power source under its hood. The 2017 RAM Power Wagon is equipped with a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 that delivers 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. That being said, there is more than enough power under there to allow you to blast through the desert like it was not even there.

Unfortunately, this much power does not bode well when it comes to the fuel economy aspect. You can expect a low teen number in the fuel efficiency but that is to be expected considering the power under its hood. Besides, no beast out there would consume less than they need is there? In addition, the heaviness of the 2017 RAM Power Wagon is also a factor for this and why it can go off the road like it's nothing. Apparently, it weighs around 7,000 pounds. Being the heavyweight that it is, the 2017 RAM Power Wagon also has an advantage in pulling things as it has a towing capacity of 10,030 pounds.

2017 RAM Power Wagon: What Sets It Apart From Other Trucks

Aside from the fact that it is bigger than your ordinary truck, the 2017 RAM Power Wagon also has something that sets it apart from its competitors like the Ford Raptor and Toyota Tundra. The front suspensions in the abovementioned rivals for example are independent and these things lessen their efficiency when it comes to the most extreme terrains. It also has a disconnecting sway bar along with a solid axle in the front. According to CNET however, there is a bit of drawback from this as it lessens the momentum in certain desert sections. Nevertheless, the 2017 RAM Power Wagon is still the truck to be in if you want to tear through the Baja in a fast and furious manner.

2017 RAM Power Wagon: The Price To Pay

Trucks do not exactly come cheap and with the capabilities of the 2017 RAM Power Wagon, you should not expect to get it that easily. The 2017 RAM Power Wagon starts with a price tag of $51,695 but if you are looking to get all the upgrades, you should be ready to shell out an amount a little bit north of $62,000. A bit heavy, yes, but what would be the point of having money if you are not going to spend it right? Besides, money is a small price to pay for tons upon tons of fun driving experience. So, if you have the capacity to take one home with you, then by all means do.

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