Alfa Romeo Goes To Super Bowl With ‘Riding Dragons’ Commercial

By James Yu , Feb 07, 2017 10:06 AM EST

The Super Bowl LI has officially kicked-off and so did the commercials from different companies including ads from the biggest automakers in the industry such as Alfa Romeo and its commercial titled "Riding Dragons". The actual ad, however, did not show any dragons as the word was actually referring to the fine cars people have today.

Alfa Romeo: Riding Dragons Commercial

According to a report from Forbes, Alfa Romeo's "Riding Dragons" commercial was basically a depiction of the Italian auto brand's story and struggles to get back the to the North American market. In addition, it also delivers a message that it is finally back and it is here to stay and achieve greatness once again. The commercial did not show any dragons as the automaker was actually referring to its cars as the dragons. A line from the commercial stated that "All this to grow fearless so that when we got the change, we could deliver that fine car and once more ride on the backs of dragons."

Alfa Romeo: The Journey Back To The Land Of The Free

Reflecting on the message of Alfa Romeo's commercial, one would think that it makes perfect sense. The Italian brand did go through a lot of hardships in order to bring back Alfa Romeo to the land of the free. Despite all the obstacles on the road, however, Alfa Romeo never strayed from its racing heritage and it was able to conquer all odds in order to return to the land of the free.

Alfa Romeo: Dragon-Like Serpent Crest

According to reports, Alfa Romeo's commercial also showed its crest that depicts a dragon-like serpent alongside a red cross on a white background. It was stated that the red cross is a representation of the Milan flag while the serpent is a representation of an Italian dynasty called the Visconti family. Obviously, the automaker had to reveal its crest in its commercial and there is actually quite an interesting history behind its logo but that is another story.

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