Nintendo Switch Helped Tom Brady And New England Patriots On Super Bowl 2017 Win

By Claire Tamse , Feb 08, 2017 04:00 AM EST

The Super Bowl 2017 remains to be the most-talked about event. The hype, the energy and the tension from avid National Football League (NFL) have yet to die down. They're not really to be blamed as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons gave them a great showdown, that left everyone guessing who could take home the much-coveted Lombardi trophy. However, it wasn't just football fans that rejoiced, even gamers were treated to a new surprise trailer with the Nintendo Switch. It wasn't just the Nintendo fans that were inspired, perhaps this also caused a 'switch' in the game?

According to Kotaku, less than 10 minutes in the game, things were looking up for the Atlanta Falcons led by their star quarterback, Matt Ryan. With a stunning lead of 16 points on a 28-12 game, the Falcons had the NFL championships at the palm of their hands. This almost snatched away an explosive comeback from Tom Brady and his New England Patriots after their Deflate-gate. All was looking dire until the Super Bowl decided to air the Nintendo switch Super Bowl 2017commercial.

Almost immediately after the commercial, Dont'a helped bring back the spotlight to New England as he strip-sacked Ryan. This boosted the spirits of the Patriots and recovered with a touchdown from Danny Amendola, marking a 28-20 score.

Proving the Falcons are in it to win it, the Atlanta team delivered a beautiful drive and topped it off with a catch by Julio Jones. This took them to the Patriots' 22 where they were just a field goal away from the championship. However a bad decision from Kyle Shanahan, their now ex-coach after leaving for the 49-ers, had the Falcons dealing with a holding call, a sack and an incompletion. This caused them to lose the ball to Tom Brady with the crucial last 3 minutes.

A touchdown by Patriots that brought the game to a close of 28-28. After a coin toss that favored the Patriots, Brady took the opportunity to claim the Super Bowl 2017 Championship with the Patriots. Game Revolution reckons Nintendo might have their hand in the game, as something effectively switched inside the Patriots that made them hungry for and eventually, own their success. Patriots fans' definitely owes Nintendo Switch one.

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