Overwatch Capture the Flag: The New Mode Is Here to Stay

By Allan Alforte , Feb 08, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Blizzard has released a new Public Test Region update for the popular game Overwatch that adds a capture the flag game. Blizzard had also released a video where Jeff Kaplan the game director of Overwatch talks about future of the game’s new feature capture the flag and the server browser and detailing changes being made to Custom Games.

According to the release notes, players are allowed to adjust the settings on various modes, maps and heroes by creating their own tailor-made server with the new Server Browser. Every player can now create their own unique Overwatch server and share it with teammates and friends or the entire world. This creates a new gaming experience for individual players as they can custom build each server to their own liking.

Blizzard has also brought Capture the Flag as an ongoing game mode. Capture the flag versions of Lijiang, Tower, Ilios, Oasis and Nepal is added by Blizzard. This will give players 12 maps to try when creating a custom game as reported by DSO Gaming.

Overwatch capture the flag was introduced to the game last month as part of the Chinese New Year event called Capture the Rooster. However, unlike other seasonal events in Overwatch that features limited time game modes, this particular mode will be sticking around after the Year of the Rooster event concludes.

Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch capture the flag mode will live on in custom games where players will be able to modify the Capture the Rooster’s game rules. Kaplan states that players will have a lot of new options to play around with. That includes changing flag pickup time, causing the flag to drop if players use mobility or immunity-based abilities and turning off hero abilities.

Kaplan explained that capture speeds on control points can be changed. Overwatch players will also be able to go into payload maps and change payload speed to make it faster or slower. Players have the ability to decide what heroes they want in the maps. Cooldowns and heroes abilities can be turned off by the players as reported by Polygon.

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