Zayn Malik Proves Love To Girlfriend Gigi Hadid By Defending Her Over Racism Accusation

By Irene Guerrero , Feb 09, 2017 01:29 AM EST

Zayn Malik came to Gigi Hadid's rescue after being accused of racism. He assured fans that his girlfriend Gigi Hadid is not racist. After appearing to have mock Asians in a deleted video in Instagram. The supermodel faced bashed over the internet when she was caught making fun of a cookie shaped like a laughing Buddha during a dinner with friends.

After proving his love for his girlfriend by defending her from racist accusations. Zayn Malik found himself in a social media storm. His followers, with disappointment to Zayn’s action accused him of being ignorant. It seems that not everybody was convinced by Zayne’s argument in defense of his lady.

Gigi Hadid's Action Was Described As Rude, Ignorant And Wrong 

The short clip was uploaded to Instagram by the 21-year-old's model sister, Bella. And was immediately removed after flaming anger among the fans. Followers started sharing the controversial video and making accusations to Gigi.

One of Zayn’s fans shared the video and strike Gigi and accused her of mocking Asian people. Others described that her action was disrespectful, racist and offensive. While on an angry tweet says what she did was rude, ignorant and wrong. Zayn Malik was asked by a follower, as an Asian descent how does he feel about his girlfriend making fun of Asian people. Zayn replied that his girlfriend likes Asian.

Gigi's Family And Boyfriend To The Rescue

Middle Eastern, Mohamed, Gigi’s father, has yet to respond to the scandal. But her mother, former model Yolanda Hadid, also spoken in defense of her daughter. According to the Stuff, Yolanda Tweeted that the Laughing Buddha signifies abundance and happiness. And that people are just making too much negativity about Gigi’s action toward the Laughing Buddha cookie.

According to the Daily Mail, this is not the first time Gigi Hadid was linked to a racist issue. She was accused of cultural appropriation while modeling. It was when she wore a colorful dreadlocks to walk in Marc Jacobs' runway show in 2016. This is not her choice but the designers. And in 2015, followers were quick to bash her when she posted a photo of henna tattoos on her hands.

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