'Girl Meets World' Rowan Blanchard All Set To Join 'The Goldbergs' Season 4

By Stephen Tapulao , Feb 09, 2017 03:10 AM EST

The cancellation of "Girl Meets World" earned a series of disappointments from people who wouldn't want to let go of the show. Even the stars of the hit Disney series shared their sentiments regarding this. Both Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter gave in too much time to plead for the renewal of the show, but the company didn't hear them out. Despite all this, Blanchard is ready to take in another challenge in her career as she takes on a great role in the ABC series "The Goldberg".

Rowan Blanchard To Join Cast Members Of ABC's "The Goldberg"; Here's What To Expect From Her And The Show

According to Cinema Blend, Blanchard has been very blatant on expressing her despair in the cancellation of "Girl Meets World". As a matter of fact, she even wrote an emotional farewell for the show. But it seems like the actress has already moved on as reports revealed that she would be having a spot on ABC's "The Goldbergs". The Disney star is said to be the guest star for the show. With this, fans are looking forward to the scenes of Rowan in the series.

According to reports, it was confirmed that Rowan would have her appearance on at least one episode during "The Goldbergs" Season 4. Rowan would be portraying the role of an editor in a student-run magazine institution. Upon hearing the role, fans were greatly excited as they thought that the role would unleash the inner actress within Blanchard. They also cited that it would come easy for the actress as the role seems to be just like the same as Riley Matthews.

However, it is still not clear if Blanchard would be permanent on the show. But as of the moment, her episodes would be released either late winter or early spring.

Rowan Blanchard Busy With Work Commitments And Hectic Schedule; Actress Already Moved On From "Girl Meets World" Cancellation?

On the other hand, it seems like Rowan is having the time of her life as projects continue to line-up in for her. Despite the show's cancellation, it was confirmed that Roman would be appearing in the upcoming sci-fi film "A World Away". She would be portraying the role of Jessica, a girl who travels to Grand Canyon with her friends but ends up in another dimension.

Aside from that, she would also take part in the Disney film "A Wrinkle In Time". However, her role is not yet revealed officially.

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