'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5: Netflix Revealed First Trailer; Release Date Confirmed

After months of waiting for a confirmation, Netflix drops the bomb a few hours ago. "Orange Is The New Black" Season 5 will be aired on June 19, and Daya is in big trouble.

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4 Quick Recap

The last season and episode of “Orange Is The New Black” left most of the fans hanging. This is the very reason why they are anticipating the return of the show for Season 5. For those who can’t remember what happened during the last two episodes, here’s a quick recap.

During a turmoil inside the cell, Poussey Washington was pinned to the ground which led her cellmates defending her. Unfortunately, Poussey was pinned so hard she wasn’t able to breathe which led to her death.

'Orange Is The New Black' The Death Of Poussey Washington

Episodes 12 and 13 revolved around the death of Poussey Washington. The Warden told the girls that he will call Poussey’s family and will address the incident. Not only the warden cleared the officer who “killed” Poussey, he even states that he will be back in uniform once the investigation is over. The inmates were outraged when they heard the news and in a stunning turn of events, Daya was able to get hold of the officer's gun. She held them at gunpoint and in a recent interview, Dasha Polanco (Daya) mentioned that she might pull the trigger due to postpartum depression. However, she also added that there is still a small percentage that she might not do it.

Netflix released the very first trailer of Season 5 and it is very powerful. It shows each and every character who will make an impact in the new episode. Be sure to catch the latest episode.

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