Gamers Spends $1,000 In Fire Emblem Heroes, Gets Nothing In The End

By Noli Teves , Feb 09, 2017 04:00 AM EST

"Fire Emblem Heroes" is becoming more and more popular as each day passes. And thanks to its popularity, it is able to drive more and more gamers to play the game. However, one player was reported to spend $1,000 on the game, in hopes of expanding his team's size to a whopping 500.

Software Developer Spends A Fortune For A Single Game

Unfortunately, Hector in Fire Emblem Heroes, which was supposed to be included in that package, hasn't showed up yet. According to Kotaku, Kookoo22, as what his name in Reddit is, is a childless chemical analysis software developer.

It thus makes perfect sense for him to spend a whopping $1,000 just for a video game app. Reports suggest that "fun, curiosity and data" are three of the reasons as to why the avid gamer spent that huge sum of money.

According to Polygon, spending $1,000 is still no guarantee that players will get a Hector or even a Leo character. Yes, there'll be no problem when it comes to increasing the team size, but when talking of getting elite characters, there would be a problem that will persist.

Lesson Learned For Gamers

What this means is that gamers who are clearly obsessed in their respective video games should always seek the advice of their logic and practical reason. This should serve as a lesson for not only "Fire Emblem Heroes" gamers, but to all videogamers, that spending tons of hard earned money on a single game is no guarantee that you'll be the best or look like the best in that respective game.

There are a lot of glitches taking place in most video game apps of today. It would be thus safer to not test out the maximum capabilities of a game's marketplace, to prevent any unnecessary loss of real money.

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