Pokemon Sun And Moon Updates: Bottle Cap Download Codes Now Available, Can Boost Stats To Max

By Noli Teves , Feb 09, 2017 04:10 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is indeed proving to the world that the Pokemon franchise is still alive and kicking. Now, it surprises fans from all over the world with newly released bottle cap download codes.

Max Out Pokemon's Skills With Bottle Caps

Players in the UK can stop by any participating game store that offers these new codes sent out by the game developers. What they need to do is to just request one. These are Bottle Cap codes that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can use.

However, this runs for a limited time only, starting on Feb. 3 to March 3. The Bottle Cap can be used in the game's Hyper Training feature. This boosts one of the player's own Pokemon's stats to maximum.

According to Top Examiner, the Pokemon must be at level 100 to enter the Hyper Training. Once the player has the Bottle Cap from the game store, he then needs to enter the secret code in the game itself and add it to their inventory.

Players have the ability to trade their Pokemon Sun and Moon Bottle Cap with Mr. Hyper. One can see Mr. Hyper in Hau'oli City, specifically inside the shopping mall.

According to Toy News Online, players should be aware of entering their codes on or before May 13, 2017. It is reported that the Bottle Cap code will only be up and running until March 3. This also depends on the supplies. If supplies run out, then that's the end of the story for it.

The Future Of The Pokemon Universe

To sum it all up, Pokemon is indeed once again becoming an important part of today's gaming culture and the entire gaming industry as well. Hopefully, continuous improvements and interesting marketing strategies are still up for the game's developer, Game Freak.

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