Close Friendships Key To Effective Social Network

Relationships are important. Being an a group is essential, especially in one where common interests and goals are made. Close friendships is key to effective social network.

A study has shown that friendship is important in promoting not just social ties, but sharing knowledge as well. The study has shown that non-family friendships to be more important in this aspect than family ties. This is essential in forging strong business relationships.

The study has shown this through the relationships made by hunter-gatherers in the past. Modern day hunter-gatherer groups in the Congo and the Philippines have been studied in order to see how interactions have been made in early human history. The University College London Anthropology researchers have the Hunter-Gatherer Resilience Project to show how relationships are made by humans.

The researchers studied the Agta group in the Philippines and the BaYaka in the Congo with a device called the mote. The mote is a device with wireless sensing technology and worn as an armband. Through it the researchers were able to record the interactions the two groups make.

Dr. Andrea Migliano is the first author of the study. He has noted that friendship has become an important adaptation made by humans. Through this cumulative culture has been developed. The study has shown that even in hunter-gatherer groups, strong relationships are made through friendship, according to Science Daily.

The study has also found that the friendships made have created bonds between households, even in those not related to one another through family. Information and culture are exchanged through the friendships made, as Phys Org reports. The research has also found that friendships in hunter-gatherer groups start from childhood.

Modern society expands networking with technology like the internet and social media, De. Migliano has noted. This has made information exchange even greater for more people. The research shows how close friendships is key to effective social network. A study has shown that losing weight depends on the environment.

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