Fish Oil Could Be Good For Asthma

Fish oil has been seen to be good for the heart. More people are seeing its benefits. Now there might be another benefit of fish oil. Fish oil could be good for asthma as well.

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 has been considered as important for heart health. Now researchers also see that omega 3 can reduce antibodies that can induce allergic reactions in a person. People who are using oral steroids might find omega 3 to be less effective, as the steroids can block its effects.

Fish oil also has fatty acids that can regulate immune cells. This was found by study lead author Richard P. Phipps, Ph.D., who is a Wright Family Research Professor of Environmental Medicine. This adds more to the benefits of fish oil.

For the study, Phipps and his team have taken blood samples from 17 patients from the University of Rochester Medicine's Mary Parkes Asthma Center. The samples were then tested with pure omega 3 derived products. All of the sample tests have responded to omega 3 in varying degrees. However, those samples taken from people taking in oral steroids did not respond as much, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center's site.

Steroids have been used to treat asthma effectively. Use of corticosteroids though could reduce the body's ability to control asthma related inflammation, as Phipps has observed. An earlier study in December 2016 has shown that prenatal exposure to omega 3 has reduced whizzing associated with asthma on children, as Science Daily reports.

Phipps has said that there is need for more high quality material in order to make comparisons between studies. He also said that using high quality fish oil has shown that it can be effective in dealing with asthma. The study adds to the many benefits fish oil has for people.

Fish oil is beneficial for health. A new study demonstrates this, as fish oil could be good for asthma also. Aspirin has also been shown to be effective against cancer.

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