‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 521 Spoilers And Updates: Natsu Chooses To Be Human To Defeat Acnologia Or Zeref?

"Fairy Tail" chapter 520 gave fans a bit of history of Natsu Dragneel. As a teenager, he was adopted by a dragon named Igneel. This dragon told Natsu that he will die if his demon and dragon seeds will combine. Faced with this monumental decision Natsu decided to choose to be human. The problem now is will he lose all his powers?

Natsu's Choice Destroyed The Dragon And Demon Seeds

It is clear that when Natsu decided to be human in "Fairy Tail" chapter 521, the dragon and demon seed in him were destroyed. But some fans believe that it doesn't mean that he will lose all his powers. They say that it is symbolic of him choosing his humanity instead of the obviously evil nature of the two seeds.

According to these fans, Natsu will still have some measures of his dragon slaying powers in "Fairy Tail" chapter 521 and a few demonic powers as well. But obviously, the destruction of the demon and dragon seeds will not cause their full formation in his person. Whatever the case, Natsu will express his human nature from now on.

Naturally, Igneel did not like what Natsu did. But he can't do anything but grant Natsu's wish. Upon waking up after Igneel's approval, he found himself in the company of Happy, the cat and Lucy. There are some speculations that the next installment will see the return of Zeref of Acnologia. Some believe that with Natsu now wholly human, he will find the source of power of the two villains. It is this knowledge that will enable him to destroy the two.

Igneel Chose To Kill Herself Instead Of Killing Erza

Meanwhile, a tragedy happened in "Fairy Tail" chapter 521 when instead of killing her daughter Erza, Irene chose to kill herself. Fans will recall that in the previous chapters of "Fairy Tail," Erza finally confronted her mother. Erza's sword cannot kill Irene when the latter is in her dragon form. But by using the Dragon Slayer magic of Wendy, Erza was able to force Irene to return to her human form.

Irene could no longer move due to the wound on her stomach but Wendy helped her. She told Erza that she could no longer sense the smell of Makarov and they comforted each other. But with Irene's death, her Universe One spell brought back the place to its former state. At the end of "Fairy Tail" chapter 521, Natsu will be seen going back to "The Path of Fairy Tail" with Happy and Lucy.

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