The iPhone 8 Is Wireless Charging Capable, But New Feature Is Prone To Overheating

The excitement for the iPhone 8 is pretty undeniable. With 2017 now sinking in, the rumors about Apple's new iPhones are getting stronger. You might have already heard before that the iPhone 8 will be wireless charging-enabled. Now, that news was once again reiterated by Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular and reliable analyst who's known for some of the most accurate Apple-related predictions.

Apple To Make The iPhone 8, iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus Wireless Charging-Capable

It has been long-established that Apple will be releasing three iPhones this year - two regular editions and one anniversary iPhone. Among the common improvements the three phones will bring in is wireless charging capability, as per GSM Arena. This should be the first time that Apple will include such feature on the iPhone and this is also a big step towards the iPhone's cable-less future. If you recall from last year, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were deprived of the headphone jack. Now with the wireless charging feature being mentioned multiple times, it's pretty clear that Apple wants its iPhones to be as much stripped-off of cables as possible.

Wireless Charging Could Lead To Overheating

Considering the iPhone 8's use of OLED screen and glass housing, the phone can overheat with continued wireless charging. Nevertheless, as per Tech Radar's report, the iPhones' 3D Touch module could get another layer of lamination so it will still be able to recognize finger presses even as the phone heats up. This brings back the news from a couple of days ago that says how much the iPhone 8 would cost. It was said that the anniversary iPhone will reach over a thousand dollars due to the added costs in the new parts and features.

Needless to say, Apple could be doing all it can to resolve the possibility of overheating. It's just hard to defend the idea considering the fact that the company hasn't talked about its new products yet. However, if rumors are to be believed, the new iPhones will come in September, so fans just need to wait a few more months to get more details.

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