Nokia 6's Flash Sale Could Be A Mere Result Of HMD Global's Lack Of Supply

By Justin Lee , Feb 10, 2017 04:36 AM EST

When HMD Global released the Nokia 6, it was undeniably met with positive responses. Even though the new Nokia Android isn't flagship in nature, many people still wanted to get their hands on it. This was clearly evidenced by the amount of people who registered to get the phone prior to the actual release. When the Nokia 6 was made available, it immediately sold out. This only means either of two things. It's either the phone has an extreme number of buyers or it was released with not enough supply.

Nokia 6 Availability

According to a report by Phone Arena, the "flash sale" that HMD has allegedly been making wasn't a flash sale after all. The reason the Nokia 6 run out of stock every time the company makes it available is not because they are controlling the selling. It is basically caused by minimal supply. Apparently, HMD Global cannot keep up with the demand. However, the company also promises to ramp up the supply to make sure that there are enough units for everyone.

As per Nokia Power User, HMD Global says that they actually updated the inventory three times but the units sold out within a short period of time. This is why people get the impression that the company is doing flash sales. Nevertheless, HMD Global says that they will keep supplying the Nokia 6 and with the Chinese New Year holiday being over, "everybody's back for work" and more supplies can be expected in the coming days or weeks.

Nokia 6's Success

The selling out of Nokia 6 may have been caused by supply reasons but it's still pretty clear that the smartphone is a huge success. Take note that when HMD Global opened up the registration for the device, it got about 250,000 registrations within a day. This number also increased to up to four million in a matter of days. With that, it's pretty clear that the Nokia 6 is a well-loved product and a successful one as well.

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