Cancer Drug Price Increase: Researchers Suggest Decreasing It Would Increase Survival Rate

Two of the world’s most leading cancer research institute says that cancer drug price unforgivably unsustainable. There is need of immediate attention to the decrease of the cancer drug price. This if for the cancer patients are able to afford the life saving drugs.

In the US, cancer treatment bills lead some patients into bankruptcy. While in UK drugs that might extend survival rate are rejected by the NHS due to its cost. Adding to the price, a lot of new drugs have to be used in combination. Treatment with the two new immunotherapy drugs nivolumab and ipilimumab costs $252,000.

Prof Paul Workman, chief executive of the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said that there are a lot of researches that are potentially effective for the search of cancer cure. He added that the discovery of these cancer cure would be put to waste if patients cannot afford it.Pharmaceutical companies claim that the cancer drug price is high because the cost of researchers to develop the drug is also high. They claim that they conduct trials on thousands of patients.

This is not necessarily true, some drugs are used on 50 to 100 trials yet the price is still at the highest price. According to The Guardian, Workman said that the institution is doing some prompt actions such as talking to small companies of the possibility to develop lower cancer drug priced medication. He believes that other scientist that are concerned with the issue will agree with the idea. They are encouraging suggestions and information that could help in executing the plan.

According to The Sun, some of the cancer drug price is just the results of the actions of the profit-seeking firms. It is causing the increase of the cancer drug price. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence ruled last week that breast cancer patients should be denied palbociclib.This is because the palbociclib is too expensive that the NHS could not sustain it for each breast cancer patient.

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