Trump's Travel Ban Trashed In Federal Court

After the "Immigration Ban" was authenticated by President Trump last January 27, 2017 which aims to place a limit to the entry of foreign travelers from distinctively seven Muslim countries, the Federal Court scheduled a hearing to review the Executive Order's terms.

Federal Court In San Francisco Scheduled A Hearing To Clarify The Terms Of The "Immigration Ban"

Last Tuesday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals scheduled a three-judge hearing which aims to raise a petition in the implementation of the Trump administration's "Travel Ban."

According to reports, the Executive Order may just be used to hide the administration's will to discriminate Muslims.

Federal Judges Declined To Reinstitute Trump's Travel Ban

Yesterday, February 9, 2017, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco announced a hearing via telephone with a three-judge panel. After the hearing, a statement was released pertaining to the suspension of the travel ban. According to the statement, the committee gave a concordant decision to decline the reinstitution of the said Executive Order.

The three judges wrote their decision stating that the Government has not shown any probability of success on the worthiness of its appeal, nor has it shown that failure of the Executive Order's reinstitution would cause any damage to the state as well as its citizens. Hence, the appeal to reinstate the Travel Ban has been denied.

According to some reports, the law also failed to clarify if it the travel ban would include U.S. permanent residents or green card holders. Although the Trump administration clearly stated that green card holders aren't included in the ban, experts and critics did not believe it for 100 green-card holders were placed in detention one day after the law was implemented and many more after that.

The decision also included the momentary suspension of the debarring of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days. After the ruling, President Trump replied via his Twitter Timeline. "See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!"

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