Overwatch Guide: Best Heroes To Use Against Tracer And Genji

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 10, 2017 12:03 PM EST

Blizzard keeps on updating Overwatch because of several issues that need to be addressed. Some of the heroes who have been unbalanced or who have flaws like Tracer and Genji have been tweaked that made them more powerful. Fortunately, there are still several heroes who can defeat them.

First hero who can fight Tracer or Genji in Overwatch is Roadhog. His hooks that have been upgraded is more useful in defeating the upgraded heroes. With the use of his weapon, the heroes will have a hard time from escaping his wrath.

Also, his healing ability will be a great advantage to the whole team whenever they encounter Tracer or Genji. According to Game Rant, Blizzard will be buffing Roadhog's hook by balancing it again. So, now will be the right time to use the hero before its hook will be downgraded.

Next hero who can take a fight against Tracer or Genji is Zarya. Her shield is highly needed because it can protect her teammates. The shield can create the opportunity to chase the two heroes or can create diversion before they can attack.

Also, Zarya's ability called Gravitation Surge can hold down the enemies in Overwatch. After using her ability, it will leave the enemies vulnerable giving the whole team to attack while Tracer or Genji is clueless on what is coming next.

Lastly, McCree is the hero the players can use. His cowboy-like skills can take out the smaller enemies before they will cause a big problem to the whole team. As per PC Gamer, his Flashbangs and Fan of the Hammer combo can kill the enemies.

However, it is not easy controlling McCree but everything will be fine when the players get the hang of using him. After mastering his skills, not even Tracer or Genji can stop his powerful attacks ensuring the team's victory.

Hopefully, fans can make up their mind on deciding who will they use in fighting against Tracer or Genji in Overwatch. The players should also try experimenting on different heroes in the game because although suggestions might be helpful, it will always depend on them on how they can win.

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