This Is Why Donald Trump, Wife Never Hold Hands In Public

If you have been following everything about newly-elected U.S. President Donald Trump, you definitely know how impulsive he acts and how easy it is for him to engage in verbal tirades against his political foes. However, there is one more thing that you must have noticed in all his appearances with his wife, Melania. Yes, you never saw him hold his hand, at least, in public.

Body expert Patti Wood said that Donald Trump does not hold the hand nor reciprocate the affection of his wife not because he doesn’t love her. This is because he wanted to project the image of being an alpha male. He wanted to veer away from his predecessor Barack Obama who is regarded as a beta male for showing affection to former first lady Michelle Obama, even when the world might be watching. Moreover, this also shows that Trump feels uneasy with public intimacy.

MSN News recounted one event that occurred after the first couple arrived at Palm Beach International Airport. Donald and Melania were both seen awkwardly holding each other’s hand before they let go to applaud their supporters. When Melania tried to hold Donald’s hand again, he just gave it two pats before releasing it again.

The Telegraph said that Donald Trump is basing all of his actions to project that he is a powerful leader. He shakes hands tightly and rigorously. He also seems “allergic” to intimacy. He wanted to show that he is the type of a leader who wants intimacy when he initiates it.

Aside from being one of the wealthiest tycoons on the planet, Donald Trump became a household name because of his hit reality show The Apprentice. After a television hiatus, the show is said to return this year. Arnold Schwarzenegger will replace Trump as main host.

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