Star Wars Fans Will Love The New Nissan X-Wing Rogue SUV

Nissan is a big fan of Star Wars. This is evident after the car manufacturer featured elements of the popular franchise in its marketing campaign and even on the design of the cars themselves.

The new Nissan X-Wing Rouge SUV is one prime example of the company's obsession with the sci-fi film franchise. As the name implies, the new SUV from the Japanese automobile manufacturer takes some cues from the X-Wing starfighter from the film series.

Nissan has been using the word "rogue" since it released the Rogue SUV in 2007. The company decided to pay homage to "Star Wars" particularly to the first standalone film and first instalment of the "Star Wars Anthology" series - "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story".

The Limited Edition X-Wing Rogue SUV is a full-sized vehicle modified to look like the iconic vehicle from the movies. It sports an exterior engine and an R2 unit's head peeking from the roof of the SUV. The vehicle was custom painted to look a lot like the weathered ship Luke Skywalker flew as he and his fellow X-Wing pilots successfully destroyed the Death Star.

The X-Wing Rouge was shown off at the Chicago Auto Show which started this Feb. 11 and will end on the 19th of the same month. At the auto show, fans and participants were also treated to a virtual reality and augmented reality demonstrations in which they were able to experience being a stormtrooper. A huge Death Star was also hanging from the rafters while a number of other Star Wars vehicles were displayed.

Aside from Nissan's Star Wars-themed exhibit, one of the highlights from the first day of the auto show was the tech-ridden Medex Ambulance made from a 2017 Ford E-450. The Dodge Challenger booth was also a popular one thanks to the Challenge racetrack simulator in which players got to feel like they were actually racing through tough terrain.

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