Wall Street Officially Lost Its Faith In Twitter

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Although it is too soon to make predictions, If Twitter´s financial problems keep getting worse, it is quite possible that the company could be sold. Photo : Wochit Entertainment/YouTube

Twitter´s downward spiral seems dark and unstoppable due to its concerning leak of users that hasn't been solved, its financial crisis keeps being under the spotlight, and far from showing any kind of improvements, things have been so incredibly bad that the worst case scenario just appeared: Wall Street has officially lost its faith in the social media network.

Twitter Has A Low Percent Share Of Buy Ratings

The thing was that Twitter posted on Thursday its slowest revenue growth since it went public, and the results were far from ok. Apparently, the platform reported its fourth-quarter earnings for 2016, and the total loss widened to $167 million compared to the $90 million in the previous year. Naturally, this numbers revealed that out of 41 Wall Street´s stock analysts who follow Twitter now recommend the investors to sell the company´s shares, which is extremely damaging to the social media company and its employees.

In fact, the 12.2 percent share of buy ratings is practically the lowest among more than 50 American-listed tech companies, with market values of $10 billion or even more. As you might think, what this situation suggests is that Twitter is facing a really dark panorama in which there doesn't seem to be a near solution to get out of this major problem, considering that Wall Street analysts practically believes that buying Twitter´s shares is not recommended.

This is because the average of analysts´ 12-month price targets for the platform at $14.68 is actually below Twitter´s current share price, and has been so for most of the last seven months. Unfortunately, this indicates sentiment that shares have further to fall, which means that analysts are starting to throw in the towel on the platform, a clear signal of dark days ahead.

Wall Street Analysts Made Harmful Statements About Twitter

What´s even worse in this situation is that even when stock analyst are characterized for getting it wrong a lot of times, the thing is that this is a case in which their lack of faith on Twitter is quite understandable, given the fact that its revenue is stuck, and it´s not likely to get better soon, which represents the worst kind of nightmare that a company of this kind could suffer.

In addition to this issue, the stock analysts who track Twitter now estimates that the platform might decline this year, and just as it was reported in a previous article, advertisers have also lost faith in this social media network, to the point in which even Twitter´s executives explained that the advertisers prefer to spend their money in other companies like Facebook or even Snapchat.

Given this situation, Wall Street analysts got to the point of stating quite harmful phrases about Twitter´s situation. One of these literally suggests that the platform can´t fly with broken wings, while there´s another that explains how everyone keeps waiting for a new flight plan. Unfortunately, for those who loves this social media network, it seems extremely difficult that Twitter could get out of this nightmare in short term, and the worst thing is that if this company ends up being sold to a bigger one, the platform might no longer be a social media as we know it.

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