‘Justice League' Rumored Synopsis Revealed; Ben Affleck's 'Batman' Script Finally Done

A rumored synopsis about the up and coming “Justice League” movie has been making the rounds and are getting fans all riled up. Aside from that, it has been reported that the script for the new “Batman” movie starring Ben Affleck has finally been completed. The updates on the DC movies was just announced, putting into light the development in the production.

Everybody is waiting for the “Justice League” movie even when “Wonder Woman” has yet to premiere in cinemas. Warner Bros. Pictures has been keen on keeping fans in the dark so they would not have to ruin the movie for them. But it seems like someone beat Warner Bros. to it as a certain publication has claimed that they had a scoop on the synopsis of the “Justice League” movie.

A Singapore-based movie magazine titled F*** Magazine has revealed the synopsis for both “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League “. According to it, the story of the “Justice League” movie continues after the “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie wherein Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, reevaluates his methods as a vigilante and seeks out the help of other extraordinary beings to form a team of crime-fighting heroes. The synopsis head on to enumerate the characters that have already been revealed but it then divulged that the newly formed team will be going against Darkseid.

The synopsis may be making rounds but it is being shut down by many since it clearly states what everybody already knows and what Warner Bros. has already released. Though Warner Bros. has already released teasers for “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League”, the said publication heads on to put into words what has been shown in the teasers already. While that has been clarified, the update on Ben Affleck’s new “Batman” movie is the real deal.

After going through some unexpected developments, the script for the new “Batman” movie is finally finished. The news was revealed when a fan wanted to know whether or not it’s true that the production is remaking the script from scratch after Affleck stepped down from being the director. Justin Kroll confirmed that there is no truth to it and that in fact the new script was just handed this month, which Toby Emmerich and Affleck are happy with. Kroll pointed out though that if there were any rewrites or changes happening in the script, it would be because Warner Bros. wants to get it right and people should not worry about it.

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