'Death Stranding': Mads Mikkelsen Guest-Stars In Episode Of HideoTube

By Ike Recio , Feb 11, 2017 05:57 PM EST

Actor Mads Mikkelsen has been getting a lot more attention lately. After starring in NBC's "Hannibal," Mikkelsen has been performing in box office hits like Marvel's "Doctor Strange" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." Mikkelsen is also working on a video game called Death Stranding, and he appears in an episode of HideoTube to talk about his role in the game.

Denmark's National Treasure: Mads Mikkelsen

The show took place in the Kojima Productions headquarters, and it featured KojiPro's head, Hideo Kojima as well as fellow game developer Kenji Yano. The episode was even titled "Denmark's National Treasure Mads Mikkelsen," and Mikkelsen talked about some of his experiences when it came to working on Death Stranding.

Being an actor, working on a video game proved to be a vastly different experience as compared to standing in front of a camera. Mikkelsen had to do some motion capture work as he is playing the main antagonist of Death Stranding opposite "The Walking Dead's" Norman Reedus who is playing the main character.

Mikkelsen Improvised On His Character Relying Solely On Imagination

Mikkelsen said, "I've done scannings before, for Doctor Strange and the big films that will use 3D. But obviously not on this scale... obviously we have to trust [the developers] a lot because we have no idea what it's gonna be, we can only imagine it. But it's very interesting that we only have our imagination to work with, and no set, no nothing. Very, very interesting."

Mikkelsen also revealed that he did some few improvisations of his own while working on the game, and Kojima said that though Mikkelsen did something different from what he instructed, the material actually looked good when he went back to fix them.

Kojima has revealed before that he was a very big fan of Mikkelsen and he had started watching a lot of his movies before he cast him in Death Stranding. The game will be his first independent title after leaving Konami, and a lot of Kojima's fans are very excited to see what's in store for it.

No official release date has been set for Death Stranding, but fans are hopeful that it could get a release next year.

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