More PokeStops Are Coming To Pokemon GO

One of the major concerns of Pokemon GO players is the lack of PokeStops. This is most especially true for fans who are located in remote or isolated areas. Well, it seems Niantic is starting to change the course of history. That's because more PokeStops are reportedly being added to the game.

According to Otakukart, a good number of Ito En vending machines and coffee shops from Tully's are being considered as either gyms or PokeStops in Pokemon GO. While this is certainly a good news for the community, these additions are only applicable to Japan. Or perhaps, for the time being, as the studio has yet to make things official.

The publication states that this change in Pokemon GO isn't entirely a surprise. This is most especially with Ito En, as the company has become part of the hit augmented reality game in the past. It's no other than Ingress, another titular app developed by the same video game company.

It holds true that Japan is among the countries that hold a lot of Pokemon GO PokeStops and gyms. In fact, even the smaller areas or towns are also littered. This is completely contrary to what other countries experience, as some of them don't have luck in terms of these features.

This new Pokemon GO deal with the aforementioned companies is something that Niantic always wanted. One is for the main fact that most of the sponsored stops from Starbucks have decreased. So, in a sense, these new PokeStops will make up for the lacking quantity.

As of this writing, this is the only country that has been confirmed to receive more of the aforesaid feature for Pokemon GO. However, most enthusiasts believe that the studio will also the same thing with other countries. But of course, this remains a mystery, as no official word has come out from the company.

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