'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Custody Battle Between Chloe And Nicole Intensifies; Deimos Gets Unfair

People still can't get off their seats after the release of the previous episode of "Days Of Our Lives". With the entire thrill that the past installments had revealed, it is expected that the show will get even better. As a matter of fact, the upcoming episode would feature an intense fight between Chloe Lane and Nicole Walker. Not just that, Deimos Kiriakis is also set to join the situation, as some believed that he wants to get something from the case.

Nicole Walker And Chloe Lane Fight For Their Child; Deimos Kiriakis Desperate Measures Revealed

The upcoming episode of "Days Of Our Lives" would gladly revolve on three people - Chloe Lane, Nicole Walker, and Deimos Kiriakis. Sources revealed that this could be one of the episodes viewers wouldn't want to miss. How will the two fight for their right as a mother and how would Deimos give his best to get Nicole and the baby?

As per Inquisitr, there would be an upcoming battle between the two as they fight for the custody of Holly. Reports admitted that even though Chloe gave birth to the baby; tests and reports already revealed that Nicole and Daniel are considered the biological parents. It can be recalled that during that time Chloe underwent in-vitro fertilization to give Nicole a part of her other half.

 Also, when her pregnancy got into her mind, it was revealed that Deimos and Nicole are already connected romantically. And now that everything was spilled, every character would fight for their right of Holly. As a matter of fact, Deimos Kiriakis is really eager to win the said custody.

Deimos Kiriakis To Do Everything For Nicole To Win Custody; To Have Better Chances Of Getting Back Together

According to reports, Deimos would do desperate measures in order for Nicole to win the case The judge is connected to Victor Kiriakis, which the character would use to make a deal with. News revealed that Deimos' motive of doing this is to rekindle a romance with Nicole. He also would want to start a family and getting the baby would make his dreams come true easily.

On the other hand, Chloe would do everything to win the case as she thinks that Holly would be safe with her. She thinks that Deimos is pure evil and giving the baby to him would be a very bad idea.

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