New HDMI Makes Big-screen 4K PC Gaming Even More Fun With New Features

The HDMI Forum has just marked the major aspects of the upcoming HDMI Version 2.1 standard at CES 2017. By upgrading the video standard to 2.1, users expect HDMI to unlock the kind of features capable of delivering high-end content with higher-resolution and quick-refresh screens for years to come.

Moreover, there's a smarter take on HDR. New dynamic HDR support optimizes colors per scene, and even per frame. You should get the best picture possible at any given moment, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Gamers would also like Game Mode VRR support, which introduces variable refresh rates to cut back tons of lag, screen tearing, and other visual artifacts. Audio experts will also appreciate support for object-based audio, that is, sound given a position in 3D space.

The Game Mode VRR

With one of the cooler-named tv features in recent memory, Game Mode VRR is possibly as cool as its name. It's also a bit confusing, especially since "VR" is generally meant to stand for virtual reality. This isn't that simple. The VRR stands for "Variable Refresh Rate." Today most televisions only do one refresh rate. Usually 60, oftentimes at 120 and rarely 240.

The Most Attention-Grabbing Updates

A lot of extra pixels with HDMI version 2.1 compatible displays will be able to support a resolution as high as "10K" display with the introduction of a variable refresh rate titled the "Game Mode VRR."  With this, gamers will get hook as they can now toggle a "V-sync" mode in games, considered essential for stopping annoying screen-tearing artifacts or lags. It is reportedly set to support for 8K (33 million) video with HDR at a 60Hz refresh rate and will also support 4K (8.3 million) pixels video at a 120Hz refresh. The support for BT2020 color spaces comes with new features such as dynamic HDR, eARC for audio device detection and object oriented audio (e.g. Dolby Atmos).


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