Qualcomm's New 802.11ax Chips Will Power Up Your WiFi

By Anj Cagay , Feb 14, 2017 03:29 AM EST

Modern WiFi is fast, however, Qualcomm's latest range of chips is all about getting the best performance in the increasingly crowded wireless spectrum. The new Qualcomm 802.11ax chips, designed for network infrastructures like routers and cars, and another for client devices like laptops, smartphones, and gadgets promise up to four times the capacity for WiFi traffic. According to a source, Qualcomm unveiled today the IPQ8074 system-on-chip (SoC) for broadcasters such as routers and access points and the QCA6290 SoC for receivers for Wi-Fi devices. They belong to the first end-to-end commercial Wi-Fi portfolio to support the all-new 802.11ax standard.

The IPQ8074

The IPQ8074 is a top integrated SoC designed to provide maximum capacity, range, and performance for the next generation of enterprise access points, carrier gateways, and consumer routers. Its key features boast up to 4x capacity to ramp up network performance, smart features for seamless connectivity and all-in-one platform.

The QCA6290

The QCA6290 is the most recent 802.11ax client device SoC delivering unprecedented throughput, battery life and full user experiences in homes, enterprises, public venues or other high-traffic areas, and automobiles. Its key features include up to 4x increase in user throughput crowded networks, ultra-fast Gigabit speed for richer user experiences that reduce power consumption by 2/3 and standard power saving features.

Qualcomm is anticipated to turn up in places where 4K Ultra HD video stability is the key, like video streaming systems for conferences.  It is also practical with in-car use, where a vehicle's onboard hotspot might be expected to air different videos to various integrated screens along with passengers' tablets and smartphones. Samples of the IPQ8074 and QCA6290 are said to kick off in the first half of this year.


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