'For Honor' Character Guide: Mastering Nobushi

By Hauntress , Feb 14, 2017 09:40 AM EST

With For Honor's recent release, why not kick-start the celebration by mastering a character like Nobushi? Whether she reminds you of Haku from Naruto or you like ranged characters that live for ultimately pissing enemies off ­­with a painful version of ding-dong-dash. Either way, here is a guide on how to master Nobushi if spamming her light attacks doesn't work anymore.

Get In The "Zone"

Nobushi is a "Zone" character which means she's effective when you can keep your distance and pressure against your opponent. Most players dubbed her overpowered and cheap because you can win by simply spamming light attacks but this have proven to be less effective against experienced players in For Honor. She can excel in keeping the enemy back with her aggressive pokes and swipes, then impressively disengage just as fast.

One good way in keeping your space is to observe your opponent if he plans on charging you to get close. A good poking tool to utilize is the Viper's Retreat to deny his willingness to get 'intimate' and keep your claimed space. But Viper's Retreat is just one of the many tools beginners can master in For Honor.

Sidewinder Form is not just a type of snake from the dessert; it's also a great 'baiting' move included in Nobushi's arsenal. It's the best baiting move you can use since its follow-ups can be delayed for a long period and you can do pretty much any move after Sidewinder Form. To utilize Sidewinder Form effectively in For Honor, it's best to practice the timing before you do a follow-up.

Unbreakable Grab In For Honor

There's also a foolproof tip that any Nobushi fan can do in For Honor. Parries guarantee a follow-up and this is the best time to go for a grab. After parrying, when your opponent staggers, anything you do will connect a hundred percent but grab during a stagger against another Nobushi won't simply because of their range. Even so, if you stick with parrying, you may be well on your way to mastering Nobushi like the Naginata goddess that she could be.

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