This Smartphone Game Could Win You A Fancy Trip To Space

By Donna Bellevue , Feb 15, 2017 01:29 AM EST

A fancy trip to space may be within your reach as Finnish company Cohu Entertainment's Space Nation Astronaut Program will give you just that if you play their smartphone game. The company has raised 2.2 million euros in just two days after the crowdfunding for the mobile game started. The company promises to send one selected user of its mobile game to space when the app comes out later this year.

The Space Nation Astronaut Program mobile game reportedly will train wanna be astronauts for space travel by using actual astronaut training methods. Interestingly, the game will require players to "take part in real world adventures" and climb up the leaderboards. The app challenges users to score high in three different categories: Body, Mind, and Social.

"In order to collect points, you need to perform challenges that develop your physical, intellectual and social skills," the company says about the smartphone game on its website. Winners will get a fancy trip to the ISS. But first, they will have to battle through intelligence quizzes, reasoning tests, and various other challenges to score points, the Gadgets reports.

The best 130 players from the app will then move on to enter an astronaut training competition for two weeks where the performances will be filmed. Things get serious as they’ll have to take on a range of physical tests to ensure they are physically fit for a trip into space. One winner will be selected every year.

Space media company Cohu Experience, hatched up the design of the game with space commercialization company Axiom Space and two education firms, the Digital Trends report. Collectively known as Space Nation, the team aims to release the app in the fall. The space company plans to operate astronaut missions for up to two months at a time, while scheduling weeklong tourist trips, with the smartphone game winner given a seat on one of the launches.

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