Pokemon Sun and Moon's New Global Mission Set To Happen On The Battle Tree

By Hazel Wright , Feb 15, 2017 03:23 PM EST

Right after announcing their Bottle cap event, fans are about to get busy again. 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' is gearing up its New Global Mission for players. The event is set to begin this late February.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players achieved all-time high on third Global Mission

Before unveiling their 4th Mission, 'Pokemon' recently announced the success of the 3rd Global Mission. The task was to get players to trade over 1 million Pokemon through GTS in the game. Since the beginning of the task, players have already passed the set goal of a million traded Pokemon. Reaching almost a skyrocket number of 4 million according to Siliconera.

As a reward for all the participants, Nintendo gave each player 2,000 Festival Coins they could use in their own Festival Plaza. For reaching beyond the goal, everybody also received a Friend Ball as a bonus.

Pokemon Sun and Moon's next Mission is on The Battle Tree

After successfully closing the last mission, 'Pokemon' has now announced their 4th Global Mission. Nintendo is hoping that everybody could participate like they did in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd mission.

Starting on February 28th until March 17, players will be assigned to simply earn as many points as they can on the Battle Tree.

The Battle Tree is a facility located on the Poni Island. It can be accessed through Poni Gauntlet after the player finally becomes Alola's first Champion. As the name implies, the Battle Tree is a place where players can come and challenge strong NPCs and even some of the most iconic Pokemon characters like Red and Blue. After each battle, players will receive Battle Points they could use to exchange for different items.

As of date, 'Pokemon' has not yet announced the target points for the event. Nintendo hasn't updated their link page yet, so fans will have to keep a look out for now.

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' is now available for the Nintendo 3DS nationwide.

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