'NCIS: New Orleans' To Premiere Crossover Episode With Some Of The Cast Of The Original NCIS

One of the most awaited episodes of the series "NCIS: New Orleans" is the upcoming crossover episode that will feature some of the cast of its predecessor, "NCIS." The upcoming episode is entitled "Pandora's Box, Part II" and fans of both shows have been waiting for this moment.

The First Crossover Episode - In Search Of The Missing Playbook

After having run its current third season already, fans of "NCIS: New Orleans" is now featuring their first crossover episode with the cast of its predecessor and original series entitled "NCIS." The gang in the series will be working with some of the characters that will be crossing over to the series. It has been reported that the episode will take place in the middle of Mardi Gras in the Big Easy. In this episode, Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Agent McGee (Timothy McGee) will be teamed up with Pride together with the rest of the latter's team to search for a certain missing playbook.

Crossover Episode Meant To Showcase How Characters Play-Off One Another

Crossover episodes have been a great strategy for the networks to encourage the viewers in watching the shows live as it airs. The crossover episode will also make way to give a little more back story to the life of one of its new characters this season, Tammy Gregorio. He will be witnessed having a conversation with one of the characters of the original series, "NCIS" Nick Torres. It has been reported that according to the show's executive producer, the crossover episode was built to witness how different characters from different shows get to play off one another. Even though tension may exist between Gregorio and Torres, it will lead to a lot more fruitful conversation about trust.

Another one took her debut on the show during the crossover episode is Grammy award-winner Maren Morris for Best Country Solo Performance. She played her hit song "My Church" in a hotel bar while the characters of "NCIS: New Orleans are busy working on ways to catch a suspected terrorist. She was openly enjoying her television debut as she sang one of the hits that made her win the much-deserved award.

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