Facebook Will Start Playing Videos With Sound Automatically

New Facebook Notification Sound
Although Facebook remains as the most popular social media in the world, the platform is betting a lot in improving the video experience in order to maintain its users´ numbers. Photo : Anthony Antonellis/YouTube

One of the most annoying things that Facebook did back in a while was to include videos on the news feed, considering that in addition to the fact that many people dislike seeing videos reproduced automatically, almost everyone preferred seeing on those spaces the posts of their friends. Nevertheless, even when people eventually get used to this, what seems quite surprising is that Facebook has rolled out another feature in which the video´s sounds will be reproduces automatically, instead of leeting you choose whether to give it volume or keeping it muted.

Facebook Videos Will Be More Annoying Than Ever

Believe it or not, the blue social media network not only confirmed this new feature, but also explained that enabling sound by default will make its video experience more flexible, engaging and richer for the users. In fact, Facebook product manager Dana Sittler told that as people watch more videos on mobile devices , they´ve come to expect sound when the volume on their smartphones is turned on, completely ignoring the way in which keeping the video silenced was something people actually liked.

Nevertheless, in addition to this new feature, Facebook announced that there will be many others that its main function would be to excel the video experience for users. In fact, is now actually possible to preview the vertical videos in the News Feed on a mobile device, and you can even minimize the video you´re watching to a picture-in-picture view that keep playing in the corner of the display, while you browse many other stories in the News Feed.

Facebook Is Betting A Lot In Improve Video Experience

Apparently, the news comes after Facebook announced a standalone video app for smart television, which is now available on Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV and Apple TV, letting users watch videos that re shard by friends or any organization on a bigger screen. Just like YouTube, his is something that will allow you to recommend videos to users and even let them watch those they´ve saved for another moment.

As you might see, this is something that clearly shows how Facebook is betting on improving the video experience to the users, given the fact that this social media is facing an important moment in which it needs to increase its users´ numbers a prevent a major leak, just like is happening with its rival Twitter. In fact, the blue social media also announced that it has redesigned the vertical videos, in order to make them look better on mobile devices.

How To Stop Sound In Facebook´s Videos

If you´re already freaked out imagining that using Facebook on the bus will be impossible -unless you have the volume turned off- because of the way that it will now sound a lot, there´s actually an easy way to prevent this from happening, and avoid a really uncomfortable situation if there´s people around.

If you have an iOS device, you have to tap the menu button, scroll down and tap settings, tap "Account Settings" and then "Sounds," and finally turn off the switch that says "Videos in News Feed Start With Sound." On the other hand, if you roll with an Android smartphone, all you have to do is tap the menu button, scroll down and tap settings, and finally do the same last step as with the iOS device.

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