Nioh Guide: 12 Secrets That Can Be Done In The Game

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 17, 2017 01:38 PM EST

The game Nioh may somehow look like the game Soulsborne series, however, Nioh offers a lot more features than Soulsborne. There are a lot unique mechanics in Nioh that players won't be able to find in any other games, but Nioh does not explain these mechanics at all. This article will help Nioh players survive the whole game and guide them with few advanced techniques.

Amitra Bars

Nioh's awesome User Interface Design is very helpful in many situations. At the bottom right part of the screen, there will be an Amitra counter that will let players know if they already have enough Amitra to level up their character. If the icon turned yellow, instead of its original white color, it only means that the Amitra is already enough to level up the character. 

Free Items

Unwanted weapons and items can be offered to shrines for free elixirs. All the shrines in Nioh allow players to offer items in exchange for gifts. Anything can be offered to the shrine. Just simply head to a shrine click make an offering and highlight the item to be offered. The items that the players will receive will vary from the quality of the item that they offered, level, etc. It would also help if players are careful when selling items to the Blacksmith because once items are sold, players won't be able to buy the item back.

Finding Kodamas

Find as many Kodamas as possible. Kodamas are little green creatures that are dancing near the shrines, All maps and sub-missions have Kodamas scattered around the map. By bringing back the Kodamas to the shrine, players will be able to increase their starting Elixir count by one.

Lock-On Color Icons

There are a lot of passive skills that players can benefit from. Always check the color of the lock-on icon, if the lock-on icon turns red, this is the only time that players can do the grappling and sneak attacks. By unlocking the sneak attack skill, characters can do a backstab move to enemies. Spirit stones also charge the character's living weapon.

Fighting Bosses

When fighting bosses, call back the guardians at the shrine when respawning. This will help the fights easier due to the fact that the living weapon will be fully charged by the time the characters reaches the boss. Also, When caught up with enemy combos, do not dodge, instead,  block the attacks to prevent any further damage. And if a player dies, their graves will show other players how they died, this will help others to be aware of the enemies around the map.

Players can also make the walled eyes (Nurikabe) disappear without fighting them. Just simply access the gestures menu, then do the right gesture according to the color associated with the walls. Mimics are also part of Nioh, to know if a chest is a mimic, count the number of golden stripes. If it has two stripes, the chest is safe, while three mean trouble.

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