'Love Actually' To Finally Have A Sequel After Having Gone Dormant For A Couple Of Years

By Marion Villareal , Feb 16, 2017 05:01 PM EST

The 2003 movie "Love Actually" has received a number of negative criticisms since it aired and a lot of people actually hated it. However, there are more who loved it since it is getting a sequel, 14 years later and the fans of the movie just couldn't wait.

"Love Actually" Sequel 14 Years Later To Be Entitled "Red Nose Day Actually"

Despite the negative critical reception that the movie has received when "Love Actually" aired back in 2003, the fans who have found the heart to love it have managed to put their love into necessary action. Thus, it has been confirmed that the movie will have a mini-sequel to be entitled "Red Nose Day Actually" wherein some of the original cast of the first movie will be reuniting as well. The fans are all the more excited knowing that some of the original cast will actually be returning for the mini-sequel of the film, as announced by NBC last Wednesday.

Original Cast Of "Love Actually" To Return And Reprise Roles In Sequel

To name a few of the returning characters are Hugh Grant, the British prime minister, Martine McCutcheon as Natalie who will soon become the prime minister's love interest. Another one of the casts to return is Keira Knightly, a new bride who discovers that her husband's bestfriend (Andre Lincoln) is actually in love with her and Colin Firth who is the deep and broken writer who finds love in his Portuguese housekeeper (Lucia Moniz). There are many others of the many cast of "Love Actually" that will be returning for the sequel

The "Love Actually" sequel won't be far along than anyone would think of since it will air in the U.K. on March 24 and to be replayed in NBC on May 25. The upcoming film will revisit the characters and what they are up to now, 14 years later. The film is still written by writer/director Richard Curtis and their nostalgic moments of reunion will soon be featured and watched by their fans all over the world.

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