Gwen Stefani Reveals Blake Shelton's Valentine's Day Gift

By Marion Villareal , Feb 16, 2017 05:03 PM EST

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's love story has been followed by their fans ever since they confirmed that they were together. Since Valentine's Day just happened recently, the couple share how they spent the special day of love.

Blake Shelton Sends Flowers To Girlfriend Gwen Stefani On Valentine's Day Even When In Different States

As singer and "The Voice" coach Gwen Stefani was being interviewed with regards to the show's season 12, the conversation then started to lean in towards her love life. She was asked how she and boyfriend country singer Blake Shelton spent the most romantic day of the year. Upon asked, Gwen then answered honestly saying that they were not able to spend the day together since they were in different states. At some point, she even joked and said that Blake forgot about Valentine's Day. She then took it back a few minutes afterwards, and said she got some beautiful flowers and lots of texts. Even though they weren't physically together during that day, they have managed to spend it with as much time they have for each other.

Gwen was in New York while Blake was in Oklahoma at that time. Given their careers, it is inevitable that they will be spending some time apart from each other and that has been fully accepted by the couple already. When the flowers that Blake sent arrived last Tuesday, Gwen was quick to share that romantic moment on her Snapchat account to her millions of followers. There was no card when the flowers arrived but Gwen quickly grasped the thought that it was indeed from her boyfriend whom she has been dating for about a year now already.

Gwen Stefani Shares Awkwardness During Working Together In "The Voice" With Opposing Teams

The singer also admitted that working with Blake on "The Voice" was quite awkward at first and she didn't know how to act around him. She sometimes unconsciously discusses to Blake the situation of her singers in her group and then suddenly realizes that she shouldn't since they are on opposing teams. These are some of the things Gwen claims to have just been natural between the two of them, and yet they manage to work things around it.

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