For Honor Guide, Tips: How To Become An Effective Lawbringer

By Benjie Batanes , Feb 17, 2017 04:00 AM EST

For Honor players consider the Lawbringer as an effective character for pushing opponents of the edge. Fortunately, this hero has some other combat moves too.

About The Lawbringer

The Lawbringer belongs to Knight Faction and it's also a hybrid hero class. It's a cross between the Vanguard and the Heavy. This means that this hero is normally ready for offensive or defensive battles. A video preview of this hero is available for viewing here.

Lawbringer's Reputation

Many For Honor players though don't consider the Lawbringer as an effective hero compared to the other classes. It's a good thing that YouTube presenter TrU3Talent has made a video tutorial on how to effectively use the Lawbringer.

Main Tactic

The Lawbringer can take heavier damages which is an advantage to single combat and against multiple enemies. This hybrid can also drain the stamina of its enemies leaving them open for attack.

Shove And Stun

Lawbringer can use Shove to start a combo attack or keep opponents away. A lot of players though observed that this Knight hybrid doesn't inflict as much damage as the other heroes. This hero makes a good tank but not an ideal one to lead the charge. Lawbringers are most effective in dealing damages when they counterattack. It's a slow combat style that requires a lot of patience and parrying.

The Knight Hybrid hero can also employ a Stunning Top Heavy attack against an opponent. This attack can stun even enemies with full stamina. Veteran opponents though will surely make an effort to avoid or block this attack. The Impaling Charge is the heavy favorite among Law bringer fans. This attack simply requires Sprint and Heavy Attack to push an enemy off the ledge and straight down the bottom.

Other Guides

For those interested in other hybrids class such as the Valkyrie from the Viking faction can learn more about her. There is also a guide on how to unlock most of the classes at the start of the game.

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