Scientist Develops Wonder Materials For Flexible And Durable Gadgets

Dr. Niel Wilson in the Department of Physics has developed wonder material to make gadgets smaller, flexible and much more efficient. He developed a new technique to measure the electronic structures of stacks of two-dimensional materials. For the first time a material that could be flat, atomically thin, highly conductive, and extremely strong materials.

Heterostructures create highly efficient and could be stronger than materials used in traditional circuits. Stacking different combinations of 2D materials come up with new materials with new characteristics. Dr Wilson's method scope the electronic characteristics of each layer in a stack. This new material could potentially use solar energy. Its thin layers allow strong absorption and efficient power conservation.

According to the Controlled Environment Magazine, gadgets are set to be made up of wonder materials. These wonder materials could make the gadgets smaller, flexible and efficient. The ability to understand how 2D material heterostructures work, helps researchers come up with optimal semiconductor structures.

Dr. Wilson comments that it is intensely inspiring to visualize how interactions between atomically thin layers change its electronic structure. He added that all the research would have not gone far without the help of colleagues in the USA and Italy. Dr. Wilson in collaboration with the colleagues in the theory groups at the University of Warwick and University of Cambridge to formulate the method.

According to the Science Daily, comprehension how interactions between the atomic layers changes their electronic structure required the help of computational models developed. The wonder material that is composed of multiple stacked layers of 2D materials could create highly efficient optoelectronic devices with speedy electrical charge. This can be used in nano-circuits.
The new wonder material might make future gadgets are durable. This might reduce breakage and costs on repairs. There are lots of futuristic ideas that this wonder material might offer.

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