Eminem Is Sole Searching With Mark Wahlberg; New Sneakers To Be Introduced Soon

By Dez Bryant , Feb 17, 2017 03:30 AM EST

The Rap God is reportedly teaming up with Mark Wahlberg and Wale. Eminem is set on a new business venture about shoes called StockX.

Eminem’s New Business

Throughout his years of rapping, Marshall Mathers III a.k.a. Eminem was able to earn tons of money which he truly deserves. If Eminem is not busy creating music in his studio, he tries to learn other business which could possibly expand his empire. Eminem is not afraid to try new things as he is known to be a risk taker. However, there’s a report that The Rap God is being grumpy as of late. Fans have been waiting for his album but all they have right now is a collaboration with Big Sean.

StockX and Their Products

Going back to the sneaker deal, Eminem already invested a total of $6 million and planning to go full force with it. StockX is an e-commerce website wherein sneakerheads can buy or sell their respective shoes. But there’s already an intention from their group to add few more products like bags or even watches.

Eminem’s Love For Sneakers

Eminem is pretty much like everybody else. He loves his sneakers like he loves his songs. In a recent interview, he mentioned that he is obsessed with shoes. Eminem is a big fan of Nike and Jordan brand. That is the very reason why fans see him almost everyday wearing these iconic shoes. Joining StockX was no brainer for The Rap God. When he found out that StockX is actually based in his hometown, Detroit, he immediately made some phone calls and sure enough he was already an investor.

Eminem might be doing great right now with his other ventures but the one question that fans want to know is, when is he going to drop his new Album? Fans already know that it is star-studded and wants to get hold of it as soon as possible.

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