'SCUM - Unarmed Combat' Trailer Reveals Amazing Details; Here's What To Expect

By Mhico V. , Feb 17, 2017 01:08 PM EST

Recently, Devolver Digital released a new gameplay video for the survival game SCUM, which shows the unarmed combat system of the game. The unarmed combat system for SCUM looks very realistic. It is believed that the game's full version will surpass everyone's expectations. Although, there are a lot of things to be improved from the title, which may take a very long time.

What To Expect From The Unarmed Combat System In SCUM?

In the trailer video of the unarmed combat system in SCUM, which can be seen down below, fans can see appreciate the realistic and well-polished look of the game. There are a lot of styles in the unarmed combat system in SCUM. Players can focus on defending or attacking. There are many combos that players can perform while unarmed, such as kicks and punches. However, being defensive is also a great strategy, where players can dodge multiple attacks and perform a counter-attack. Fans are amazed about how realistic the unarmed combat system in the game looks. Players can also switch to first-person view while they engage in an unarmed combat situation. There are different ways to attack an enemy, from uppercut to straight punches, as well as the heavy attacks. However, the effectiveness in the unarmed combat will depend on the character's size. A large character has less damage and speed, while the slim character has more speed and damage.

When Is The Release Date Of The Early Access Version Of SCUM In Steam?

There is no specific release date yet for the video game's Early Access version on Steam. However, it is confirmed the 'SCUM' will be released this year. Rumors also suggest that the Early Access version of the game will be released next month, though it is yet to be confirmed. With Devolver Digital continuously developing the game, fans can expect that the Early Access version of SCUM will be released as soon as possible.

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