Skyrim Creator Teases New Mobile Game

Bethesda’s first ever mobile game Fallout Shelter was a success when it rolled out in 2015 for both iOS and Android. In June of 2016, the game had registered more than 50 million players. Although Bethesda did not reveal any specifics, it is said that the company has made millions of dollars in revenues from the game’s microtransactions.

Game Director Todd Howard revealed last year that Bethesda is going to make more mobile games. Howard recalls how their first mobile game was a huge success. Howard stated that they loved making Shelter and the company was ecstatic when the game was so successful. He says that the fans reaction to Shelter blew them away.

Howard discusses that the key to long-term success of games whether on consoles or mobiles is to keep the players engaged by continually releasing new updates. In Shelter, Bethesda has definitely done that as the game has been well supported with seasonal updates and other patches. Howard says that Shelter still has a pretty active player base.

Howard also talked a little bit about what Bethesda has in store for the future. He teased Bethesda’s second mobile game stating that it is something that the studio has been planning for a long time. Howard says that they do have another mobile game project that they thought about for a while. He said that based on the experience from Shelter, the company is rolling on something new.

In December 2015, Bethesda Game Studios opened an office in Montreal with the aim of expanding development capabilities in PC, console and mobile gaming. It remains to be seen which studio will be working on the development of the new mobile game. The Shelter mobile game has gone on to cross over to launch for Windows 10 and Xbox One as a Universal Windows Platform app. The game was not announced to be released for PS4, as reported by GameSpot.

Howard did not confirm when Bethesda will give fans a glimpse of the new mobile game. It is likely that the game will be revealed during the just announced Bethesda E3 2017 press conference. Also expected during the annual showcase is a sequel to Wolfenstein. The game company seems to be preparing to impress fans at the E3 2017 which will be in June, as published by GameRant.

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