Mass Effect Andromeda Update: BioWare Unveils New Krogan Companion

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 18, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Fans have been waiting for a long for Mass Effect Andromeda launch, and now its release is just a month away. However, there are still loads of details and information that Bioware is not revealing yet. As of this time, fans are really curious about any of the available special abilities, multiplayer gameplay, as well as potential squad mates.

These are features that the franchise is famous for. Although, there are still a lot more details left to reveal for Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware has chosen to finally give information about the mysterious Krogan companions for their fans. From the new post in the Mass Effect Andromeda official site, BioWare has officially made a revelation on Nakmor Drack. He is the hulking Krogan companion that players are meant to encounter with all throughout the game, according to Game Rant.

Drack was shortly seen on some of the previous trailers, and he is an elder Krogan that caused trouble for the Milky Way galaxy for over 1400 years. He is famous for being a skilled soldier, an occasional pirate, and a mercenary. The Krogan would not think twice in joining with the Andromeda Initiative for that chance of exploring a brand new galaxy.

Although this character seems to be a little rough around the edges, Drack is described to be stubborn yet loyal. He is a Tuchanka-born warrior that considers combat a fun experience. He also possesses a devastating Ruzad shotgun. This is idea for his ferocious combat style, and Drack has an access to the Blood Rage ability. As explained, it can importantly provide him a major increase to melee damage; reduce all incoming damage and simultaneously providing him with extra health regeneration. He in turn transforms into a force of nature that is amazingly difficult to win over.


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