Apple Might Cut The Power Cord From The iPhone 8

Apple´s upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to revolutionize the smartphone business with its wireless charging feature, since many analysts believe that this detail represents a major change that almost every single mobile device in the future would need to have it if it wants to stay competitive and reach great sales. Nevertheless, what seems quite particular in this iPhone 8 feature is that this will force the Cupertino company to make major changes in this flagship, and new information reveals that the most notorious would be the complete removal of the power cord.

The iPhone 8 Would Cut The Power Cord To Integrate Wireless Charging Easily

Apparently, the major hint that suggests that this could actually happen is that a spokesperson for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) revealed that Apple joined this organization last week. The WPC is characterized for being a group of more than 200 companies that promotes the Qi standard of wireless charging, guaranteeing that any handset with Qi will work with any single charging surface that has this logo.

Naturally, joining this organization not only confirms that the Cupertino giant will definitely equip its iPhone 8 with wireless charging, and in order to make this happen, the company needs to make some drastic moves with the handset. According to Sorenson Capital's managing director Rob Rueckert, the action that Apple will take with the iPhone 8 will be to cut the power cord, since it is believed that this will be the most efficient way to integrate the wireless charging efficiently.

The Power Cord Will Be Cut For Design Reasons

Also, he explained that the removal of the power cord is something that would also correspond to Apple´s tradition of making its iPhones thinner and change users' behavior with major changes. Given this analysis, he told that the best exemplification is what Apple did with the new Airpods, so it would be extremely possible that the iPhone 8 would have the power cord removed.

In fact, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently noted that Apple might also include additional components to the iPhone 8 in order to avoid overheating, given the fact that this is something that could actually happen with the wireless charging feature, and the Cupertino company doesn't want another Note 7 situation in its flagship.

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