Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Now Xbox Fusion: What Is Microsoft Thinking?

Hot on the tail of the rumor we reported earlier this week that the Xbox 720 (which has yet to be officially called as such by Microsoft) might in fact receive the moniker of "Xbox Infinity", we're now hearing that the Xbox 720 might in fact be named the "Xbox Fusion."

The Xbox 720 will be officially unveiled by Microsoft on May 21, and at that time we'll know for sure whether the console will be the Xbox Infinity, the Xbox Fusion or some other name not yet imagined.

"Speculation about the official name Microsoft will give the Xbox 360 successor has circulated since shortly after the 360 itself arrived, with the current internal codename 'Durango' and tongue-in-cheek 'Xbox 720' expected to fall by the wayside in favor of a more distinctive brand," Slash Gear suggests in an article it published on Wednesday, May 1 dealing with the Xbox Fusion rumor.

Although Slash Gear discusses the same alleged "leak" of possible promotional materials for the Xbox Infinity that we brought up in our report, it also pointed to doubts some had about the rumored name for the Xbox 720 thanks to the notion that Microsoft has yet to purchase the domain ""

This makes it less likely that the company will be calling the Xbox 720 the Xbox Infinity. But is Xbox Fusion any more plausible?

Fusible just reported on Tuesday, April 30 that Microsoft purchased the domain name "" as well as,,,

"The list goes on," Fusible adds.

"About 7 months ago (give or take) Microsoft filed three trademarks," Xbox Forums posted as early as January 1, 2012. "One being the word/phrase 'Fusion,' and the two others having to do with the word fusion. It is suspected that the reason behind the three trademarks will be the new Xbox, the 'Xbox Fusion.'"

According to Fusible, other names that have been knocked around for the Xbox 720 include:

  • Xbox Next
  • Xbox 8
  • Xbox Gold
  • Xbox Durango (of course)

What do you think the Xbox 720 will be called? Do you like these names? Let us know in the comments below!

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